How to Celebrate National Puzzle Day

How to Celebrate National Puzzle Day

I love puzzles of all sorts. I will sit quietly for hours working on a jigsaw puzzle or happily try to work the crossword puzzle in our weekly newspaper… I say try because I almost never can finish one.

Because of this, I think everyone should have a grand celebration on National Puzzle Day, which is January 29th. How to celebrate you ask? I have found some great ideas to help you out! You can plan a huge party and invite all of your puzzle-loving friends of simply fill your day with puzzle inspired activities.

Delicious Puzzle RecipesStart the day off right by making this Easy Microwave Egg Puzzle.

Make sandwiches and then cut them apart using this puzzle bites sandwich cutter!

Try making some of this Puzzle Bread to make your sandwiches out of.

How about making some Crossword Puzzle Soup to go with your sandwich?

Follow this recipe, from Robin Hood, and make a Sugar Cookie Puzzle.

This amazing watermelon puzzle looks so refreshing — and it looks to be easy to make.

While this dessert doesn’t look like a puzzle, the fact that it is made with peaches and named Peach Puzzle is enough for me.

This is a great recipe for this time of year when many of us are yearning for spring: Spring Puzzle Cake.

Use this recipe to make Cheesey Sunflower Crackers that are shaped like puzzle pieces.

Learn how to use rubber molds to make puzzle piece shaped candies.

If you are looking for a snack that is a little healthier, try making this 3-D Apple Puzzle or this Airplane Cucumber Puzzle.

Creative Puzzle ProjectsMake several of these Decoupage Puzzle Pots to hold your treats.

Make a personalized Puzzle for all of your party guests.

Use a piece of artwork to make a Picture Puzzle craft.

Make a puzzle using craft sticks and a picture.

Learn how you can use puzzle pieces to decorate a hat.

Make some unique magnets using puzzle pieces, pom-poms, and wiggle eyes.

You can use puzzle pieces to make a tree for every season of the year.

Use puzzle pieces to make a plaque that features your initials.

Make these Apple Alphabet Puzzle pieces to help teach the young kids their letters.

Use orphaned puzzle pieces to make Puzzle Piece Faces, Puzzle Piece Aliens, or a cute Puzzle Piece Lamb.

Make a puzzle using wooden cubes.

How about using a simple puzzle piece to make an angel.

Add some flash to your wardrobe by making yourself a pair of jigsaw puzzle earrings or a fashionable puzzle necklace.

Frame your pictures using puzzle pieces.

More Puzzle Fun and GamesYou can find a large variety of free puzzles online you can print out and solve.

Buy inexpensive crossword puzzle books for all your friends and family.

Learn how to organize puzzles that are similar or how to store your child’s wooden puzzles.

Get a couple of copies of your newspaper (if it has puzzles in it) and challenge someone to a race to see who can complete it first.

Simply start a new jigsaw puzzle and invite all of your friends and family to help.

Can you think of anything that should be added to this collection of fun ideas? Please feel free to share them in the comments.

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in your collection. I am a lover of puzzles, so this post really speaks to me. Great ideas.

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