National Lost Penny Day

National Lost Penny Day

I have been researching for several days, trying to learn more about National Lost Penny Day. When I first read the February 12th was not only Abraham Lincoln’s birthday but also National Lost Penny Day, I figured it wasn’t just a coincidence. This set me off searching around for the story behind National Lost Penny Day.

I found a few places that explained that Pennies were being honored on this date because on this date in 1909 the first Lincoln penny was minted. While the first Lincoln penny was minted in 1909, in honor of what would have been Lincoln’s 100th year, the only date I have been able to confirm is August 2nd. This is the date in 1909 when the first Lincoln penny was issued.

A few other sources I found claim that it is called Lost Penny Day because it encourages you to search around for lost pennies (and other coins). Of course, in the spirit of the day, you should donate any coins you do find to a good cause. This perhaps seems a bit more likely to me?

No matter how to decide to celebrate this special day, take some time to check out some of these penny projects.  Some of them are easy enough to do at home and others are just plain amazing!

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4 thoughts on “National Lost Penny Day

  1. Well, you learn something new everyday! I think Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is a great day to celebrate pennies, whether it is a lost penny or not. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas.

  2. Very helpful information. The plural of penny is pennies, not Penny’s. Apostrophes are never used to make something plural.