May Holidays and Special Days

May Holidays and Special Days

What do you celebrate during the month of May? Of course, we all know that the second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day and that the last Monday of the month is Memorial Day, but what about all of the others days of the month? Personally, I am looking forward to celebrating Mother Goose Day, Frog Jumping Day, and Lucky Penny Day. You can certainly find a special reason or two to celebrate every day of May by browsing through the list below…

Make sure you print out one of these printable May calendar pages so you can make note of all of the special holidays you want to celebrate.

Month Long Observances in May

Week Long Observances in May

May 1st

May 2nd

May 3rd

May 4th

May 5th

May 6th

May 7th

May 8th

May 9th

May 10th

May 11th

May 12th

May 13th

May 14th

May 15th

May 16th

May 17th

May 18th

May 19th

May 20th

May 21st

 May 22nd

May 23rd

May 24th

May 25th

May 26th

 May 27th

 May 28th

 May 29th

May 30th

May 31st

I hope you find time to celebrate many of these special days this month! Do you know a unique holiday that should be added to this list? Share it with us below!


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  1. Thanks so much for all your hard work and adorable printable calendars! My little ones love printing and coloring a new one each month!