June Holidays and Special Days

June Holidays and Special Days

Hooray for June! June is usually when our life starts getting crazy busy with a ton of different activities and even chores that I usually enjoy. I get to plant and tend to my garden. Mowing the yard is usually my job too and during June I enjoy it — maybe not so much towards the end of the season!

June is also the month when my first child was born. That alone makes it a wonderful month! While I am sure my daughter would argue that her birthday should be celebrated every day of the month, there are other reasons to celebrate during the month of June. Some of those reasons include National Cheese Day, Father’s Day, the First Day of Summer, and LEON Day. Here are many more reasons to celebrate… and you can keep track of the days you want to celebrate by printing out one of these June calendar pages.

Month Long Observances in June

Week Long Observances in June

 June 1st

June 2nd

June 3rd

June 4th

June 5th

June 6th

June 7th

June 8th

June 9th

June 10th

June 11th

June 12th

July 13th

July 14th

June 15th

June 16th

June 17th

June 18th

June 19th

June 20th

June 21st

June 22nd

June 23rd

June 24th

June 25th

June 26th

June 27th

June 28th

June 29th

June 30th

Do you know a special day that should be added to this list? Please let me know using the comments feature below!

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