July Holidays and Special Days

July Holidays and Special Days

By now, many of us have settled into our summer routines. These routines may involve friends, family, camping, and get-togethers. If you are looking for reasons to celebrate, consult this list of excuses. You will find more well-known events, like American Independence Day and lesser known ones like Moon Day. There are silly observances, like International Joke Day and even tasty holidays, like National Fried Chicken Day.

Which one of these special July holidays (below) will you celebrate with your friends and family?

Month Long Observances in July

 Week Long Observances in July

July 1st

July 2nd

July 3rd

July 4th

  • American Independence Day
  • July 5th

    July 6th

    July 7th

    July 8th

    July 9th

    July 10th

    July 11th

    July 12th

    July 13th

    July 14th

    July 15th

    July 16th

    July 17th

    July 18th

    July 19th

    July 20th

    July 21st

    July 22nd

    July 23rd

    July 24th

    July 25th

    July 26th

    July 27th

    July 28th

    July 29th

    July 30th

     July 31st

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