11 Fun Halloween Party Game Ideas

11 Fun Halloween Party Game Ideas

If you are looking for fun Halloween party games, look no further. These games are great for Halloween parties for kids and adults, for classroom activities, or just for some holiday family fun. There are games that you can play without any preparation, quiet games, and active games.

 How Many Halloween Candies Game

Fill a clear jar with Halloween candy. Also provide a jar or bowl people can deposit their guesses in. As each guest arrives at your party, provide them with a small piece of paper. They should write down how many pieces of candy they think are in the jar.

Near the end of the party, go through all of the guesses to see who is closest. Whoever is closest, wins the jar of candy.

 Halloween Word Scramble Game

Choose a long word(s) related to Halloween (some example are Frankenstein, Scarecrow, Haunted House, Halloween) and print it at the top of several pieces of paper.

Pass out a paper to everyone playing the game and and set a timer for around 3 minutes (you can adjust this however you like). Have everyone make as many smaller words as they can in the allotted amount of time. The words should be at least 3 letters long.

Whoever makes the most words wins. This game can also be played by teams.

 Halloween Guess Who Game

As each guest arrives at your party, tape a piece of paper to their back. Each paper will have a Halloween character, creature, or item written on it. Each guest has to try to figure out who or what they are by talking to as many people as possible and asking them simple yes or no questions.

Whoever guesses what or who they are first is the winner.

 Halloween Memory Game

Set out a tray with several Halloween and autumn related items on it. You want a variety of items. Some ideas include a small pumpkin, skull or skeleton, candy corn, colorful leaf, apple, plastic spider, spider web, mask, bat, etc. Make sure it is in a prominent location so people can see it easily. Don’t mention the game right away.

When it is time to play the game, give each player a piece of paper and pen. Lift up the tray and explain to them that you hope they paid attention because you are now going to test their memories. Place the tray out of site and give the everyone around 3 minutes to write down as many items they can remember. Whoever remembers the most items wins.

 Eyeball Hunt Game

Cook a few packages of spaghetti noodles. Drain them and coat them with a little bit of vegetable oil. Pour the noodles into a large pot or dish pan and bury several ping pong balls in it.

To play the game, set a timer for a minute (or whatever time limit you want to set), and have a player dig around in the spaghetti and find as many balls as possible.

Whoever finds the most ping pong balls wins. If you like, you can paint the balls to look like eyeballs.

 Bobbing for Apples Game

Fill a large tub about 3/4 of the way full with water. Place several apples in the tub. Set a timer and have one player at a time try to retrieve an apple using only their mouth.

Whoever can catch an apple in the shortest amount of time wins. If you prefer a non-competitive version of this game, don’t use a timer.

 Halloween Pumpkin Passing Game

This game is played the same way as Hot Potato. For this game, you need a small pumpkin and music.

Have everyone sit in a circle. Start the music and have the players start passing the pumpkin around the circle. The pumpkin must be passed from hand to hand – no throwing.

The pumpkin moves around the circle while the music plays, as soon the music stops the pumpkin should stop moving. Whoever was the last to touch a pumpkin, even if they hand off wasn’t complete, is eliminated and has to leave the circle. Continue this until there is one person left.

If you have a large group of people, you can use 2 of more pumpkins.

 Halloween Candy Corn Race Game

Mark a starting line and a finish line for this game. Place a bowl full of candy corn for each racer on the starting line and am empty bowl on the finish line.

Each player gets a spoon. When the race starts, each racer scoops up some candy corn and makes their way to the bowl on the other side. They need to dump the candy on the spoon into the empty bowl. If any candy corn drops off their spoon, they must go back to the starting line, dump what remains back in the bowl, and take another scoop.

The players continue until one of the racers gets a full bowl – that person is the winner. You may want to use baby food jar instead of a bowl at the finish line. This game can be played by teams.

 Candy Wrapper Race Game

For this game, you need a pair of mittens and wrapped candy for each player. You should also mark a starting line and a line across the room or yard that will be the candy line. Place a bunch of candy, spread out, along the candy line.

To play, everyone lines up on the starting line and puts their mittens on. Have one person the the line judge. When everyone is set, and the line judge yell go. At this time everyone should race to the candy line and pick up one piece of candy. They must then unwrap the candy and eat it. They must then run back to the start line, remove their mittens, and raise their hands above their heads.

Whoever makes it back to the start line first wins.  If you prefer to not have the players eat the candy, designate a bowl for each person by the candy line and make them place the unwrapped candy in the bowl. This can easily be made into a relay race.

Murder Wink Halloween Game

This game is played while mingling around the room. One person is chosen to be the murderer. To play, the murderer winks at someone who them becomes the victim The victim should wait about 5 seconds and then ‘dies’. The victim chooses his own way of falling. If another player thinks he can identify the killer, he points and says “I accuse you.” If he is wrong, both players are dead. Whoever guesses correctly becomes the next murderer.

Zombie Game

Start out by choosing one person to be IT. Everyone else must freeze. They can be sitting, standing, or lying in any position they want. They must remain quiet, motionless, and expressionless.

To play this game, the zombie picks a victim and tries to make them smile, wiggle, or make any noise without touching them in any way. If they are successful, that person also becomes a zombie. If they are not successful, they can move onto another victim. The last person who remains quiet, motionless, and expressionless wins the game.

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