First Day of Autumn

First Day of Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season, hands down. I love the crisp mornings and the warm afternoons, not to mention the colorful leaves, fresh apples, and over-sized pumpkins.  I also love football! What is your favorite part of autumn?

The first day of autumn this year is September 23. I say ‘this year’ because the date of the first day of autumn changes from year to year because the day that the autumnal equinox actually occurs varies. Actually, I have found myself confused sometimes because, technically, the first day of autumn can be on different days in the same year because it really depending on where you live. It seems though, that when people talk about the ‘official’ first day of autumn, they are usually using the date when autumn happens in Universal Coordinated Time. See, why it can be confusing? (Check out the explanation here and you might understand better.)

What is the autumnal equinox? Without getting into to many of the boring details, the equinox is the date when day and night are the same length. After the first day of autumn, the days start getting shorter and the nights start getting longer. This goes on until the first day of winter. After that date the days slowly start getting longer.

There is plenty you and your entire family can do to celebrate the first day of fall.

 Do Autumn Activities

  • Go for a walk or drive and look at the changing leaves.
  • Take a walk and collect a variety of fallen leaves. Try to find many different shapes and colors.
  • Use collected leaves and sort by color, size, shape, etc.
  • Learn more about autumn and about all the different seasons.
  • Go on a hay ride.
  • Plan a visit to an apple orchard.
  • Go to a football game.
  • Use old clothes and crumpled up newspaper or plastic bags to make a scarecrow.
  • Go to a pumpkin patch.

 Make Autumn Crafts

  • Use collected leaves to make prints by putting them under a piece of paper and rubbing over them with the side of a crayon or pencil.
  • Paint faces on leaves and then hang them around the room.
  • Paint one side of a leaf and press it on paper to make a print. You can also do this with an apple (cut in half) or an ear of corn (with the husks removed).
  • Make a leaf collage by cutting out leaf shapes from red, orange, yellow, and brown paper.
  • Lay a large piece of construction paper on your table, place leaves on it, and then cover it with a piece of clear Con-tact paper to make a colorful autumn placemat.
  • Make colorful decoration by gluing glitter onto leaves. Hang them in the window and watch them twinkle when the sun hits them.
  • Make a colorful leaf bracelet. Make a loop of masking tape that will fit around your wrist.  You will want to sticky side of the tape to be facing out. Tear fall leaves into small pieces and stick them all over the tape.
  • Paint a juice can or jar lid red to look like an apple ad use it as a magnet or ornament.
  • Make miniature apples by gluing a small piece of chenille stem and a leaf cut from felt to the top of a red pom-pom.
  • Cut a piece of paper into the shape of an ear of corn (a long and thin oval) and glue on colored popcorn kernels (un-popped), buttons, or pom-poms to look like an ear of Indian corn.
  • Make an autumn coloring book by printing several of these fall coloring pages.

Cook Autumn Food

Play Autumn Games

  • Fill a large bucket with water and try bobbing for apples.
  • Instead of raking your leaves into piles, why now rake them into a leaf maze.
  • Buy a miniature pumpkin and hide it. Let the kids search for it.
  • Send your kids on a fun autumn treasure hunt or you can go on a nature color hunt.
  • Play a hot potato type game but use an apple instead of a potato.
  • Print out these autumn leaves dominoes and play a game or two.
  • Make a backyard goalpost from your pool noodles and have a football punting competition.

I hope you use the ideas shared here to have a fun autumn celebration with your family. Please share your stories with us here.


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